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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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housing them down, i do not think they have ever been wash. clearly, this is not adequate. the addition of these five washers, which we would gratefully accept, we look forward to, and we look forward to a time when the cancer rate among firefighters is reduced as a result of these measures at this time. supervisor chu: thank you. i believe we have a representative from the san francisco firefighters cancer foundation. >> i am a board member of the san francisco fire fighters cancer prevention foundation. the foundation was established when the fire fighter pocket -- and the incidence of cancer in the fire fire population was significantly higher than the general population. obviously, the extractor is prevention. we hope you accept the gift of five washer extractors so firefighters can wash their
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protective gear. do you have any questions? supervisor chu: thank you. this is actually just accept and expend, so we would be accepting the gift from the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation of five washer- extractors. any questions from the committee? why don't we open it up for public comment? are there any members of the public who wish to speak on item two? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> make a motion to send this item for with a recommendation. >> there is a motion to send this item forward with recommendations. that has been seconded. i want to thank the foundation for all of your work and providing the five washers. we are very thankful. without objection. item three. >> item 3, resolution naming the 17th street pedestrian plaza located at the intersection of 17th street, castro street, and market streets as jane border
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plaza -- jane warner plaza. supervisor dufty: i am here as the sponsor of this measure to designate the new public community space that was written about as jane warner plaza. jane was an important an active part of the neighborhood for a generation. she served as patrol special police officer in the castro for 17 years, and she was lost after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer in may of this year. subsequent to that, many of my constituents contacted me because of the recent new public space and suggested that it would be appropriate to name a in jane's honor in recognition of how many nights she was out late, no matter the challenges, in that very street, crossing back and forth, making sure that people who were going out at night, patronizing clubs and
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restaurants and visiting friends were always safe. she was really a fixture. she was known as officer jane in the neighborhood. she began her career as a deputy sheriff in hawaii, and in 1991, she joined the san soma police department as the only female and only openly lesbian officers in the department. in 2005, she became president of the san francisco patrol special officers association and has been intricately involved in lobbying the police commission, the board of supervisors. she wrote a column in the "bay area reporter" for many years, providing crime information. she has worked with the san francisco district attorney's office, the police commission, the california state senate, senator leno, and many merchants. among those that support the renaming of the spas include the
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merchants of upper market and castro, all of your candidates to succeed me as supervisor and state senator mark when all. -- all of your candidates who succeed me as supervisor and state senator mark leno. i just want to say i have not had any question about the appropriateness and value of naming this in jane's honor. the problem of public works is not here today, but they have expressed that they have no issue and are very comfortable with this measure. with that, perhaps we can open to public comment. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any members of the public who wish to speak on item 3? >> i would like to introduce myself.
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i was officer jane warner's wife for two decades. i would like to share some excerpts from journals we shared together, so you may hear how jane felt about the castro and the gay community in her own words. "june 28, 1993. going to my first gay pride. it is spellbinding, coupled with the magic of the city, all extremely powerful. and indescribable. all those thousands of people around us. dawn and i held each other in love with the day and each other. soon i am going to be working in the castro, making a difference. i could never leave san
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francisco. we are rich in so many waysd manyawn -- we are rich in so many ways. dawn and i have each other. i see only positive things ahead for all time. i am so charged up to make a difference for people of the castro and san francisco. the weeks before jane died, she would talk to me about her legacy and wondered if the patrol special police and the san francisco police and her beloved merchants would remember her. she asked me to make sure she would not be forgotten and make sure her memorial would be
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memorable for all she admired and loved. thank you. supervisor dufty: thank you so much. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i would like to offer a letter from the family, the mother, and the two sisters of officer warner and read it into the record and make a few brief personal comments. "to the honorable board of supervisors, the family of jane warner would be most gratified to see the jane warner plaza become a reality. even in the last month of jane's last, she expressed a desire to be backlogged of her legacy serving as a police officer. her concern was of the merchants, the castro neighborhood people, the homeless and indigent, and even for the dogs and cats. since her death, we have heard
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testimony from an incredible number of people who said that jane made such a difference in their lives. she found jobs, paid for shelter and food, even took care of their pets while they straightened out their lives. jane's passion was truly for community policing in the best sense of that word. she saw a need for all the branches of police work to be actively involved in the city. she truly had a desire to work collapse if -- collaboratively. we feel the spirit lives on in the community, that her legacy lives on in the lives of those she touched, and at the plaza is a well-deserved tribute and memorial to one who cared so much about people. sincerely, jane warner's family ." i would like only to conclude that i am here to honor and acknowledge also as a former
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merchant in the castro the jayne's service to me personally as a small-business owner, to the customers of my store, and to the entire neighborhood. i witnessed for two years the peace of mind and the actual piece inside of my shop and on the neighborhood's streets because the gene or her assistant officer would drop in to check on me, to see that my customers and i were safe, and to handle the many difficulties that i was unequipped to handle. most for to gillooly, shoplifting and the homeless. i can personally attest to the fact that has been said before that jane had true compassion for those she encountered, even those who were creating disturbances on the street. i could not have conducted my business in the castro without her assistants, and therefore, i urge you to vote yes. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you.
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next speaker please. >> supervisors, and the president elect of the san francisco patrol special police. i have learned more about jane morrison surpassing than i did working with her for years and years -- more about jane warner since her passing. i think this is an excellent tribute to an officer that gave so much to the community and so much that she expected nothing back from anybody. it is a reminder of what everybody in not only our organization, but every organization, what they should strive for, and to make things better for everybody, whether they had two legs or four legs. in conclusion, like i said, i think this is a fitting tribute
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to someone who has done so much and gave so much an expected -- and expected nothing in return. >> i want to extend my gratitude to bevan dufty and his staff for putting this motion forward. i would like to express my appreciation to the community members for hearing this today. has been my honor to have called officer jane warner my friend for almost 20 years. i met her only a few months after she came to california. it was a time of transition in both our lives, and we had many conversations about what the future may hold. having a clause in the castro named after her never came off as a possibility -- having a plaza in the castro named after her. if she were here, she would ask us to step away from our emotions and to answer the
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question -- what makes any person worthy of such an honor? i have reached the conclusion that one of the important reasons to name a public location after someone is so that they are never forgotten. not by the people who knew the person, but by the younger generations to come, so people who have never met this person can hear this person's story, to provide for them a shining example to inspire the best of future generations by teaching them about the best of those that came before. i asked myself -- did she lead a life the we want future generations to aspire to live? before she came to the castro, she had an amazing career in law enforcement. she was an undercover drug enforcement officer and a number of times. she worked as a patrol officer responding to a number of calls. she worked a tourist visa in honolulu. she worked undercover in to solve sex crimes. but all of the work she did in law enforcement, she felt the
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work in the castro was her life's calling. it allowed her to use her experienced in the service to help the community that she loved. she fought hard her whole life for equal rights, standing up to sex discrimination. she was passionately committed to community policing. she cared about animals, the homeless, drug addicts, the alcoholics. she believed when we help the weakest of our community to grow stronger, we all benefit. she loved all the different colors of the gay community. she was a strong leader and a great example of how to be a caring member of the community you love. i have asked myself -- did she said a good example? did she live a life we want future generations to aspire to live? i think she did, so i hope that you will vote yes. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i have been in the city for about 12 years.
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i formed a martial arts organization that provides self- defense training and seminars in the castro and got to know jane warner very quickly, working with her. she was instrumental in helping us set out and rent out -- and went on a number of patrols with us to let us see what was going on in the neighborhood, what we should be looking for. the one thing on all those patrols was that on every single block at almost every single moment, people would be walking up to jane and taking a few moments to chat with her. there are very few people in any community that everyone seems to have a strong personal connection to. i saw homeless people chatting with her on a first day basis, treating her with respect as she treated them with respect -- chatting with her on a first- name basis. i saw that from business people, from supervisors. anyone who seemed to come into the castro knew were on a personal basis. any person chosen to name areas
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and locations after -- i think that is typically for a lot of people to look at their life and experiences and encourage people to live up to it that standard or try to exceed that standard. harvey milk is recognized on the west side of that area. 17th is on the opposite side. i think it would be very fitting to see the work and effort that harvey milk put in to make the community opened and provide opportunity for everyone to be a police officer, a lesbian police officer that was known and loved by everyone in the castro, opposite and adjacent to harvey's. i think it would set a wonderful example for future generations. that is what we should aspire to as far as public commitment, working within the public sphere, so i would certainly appreciate supervisor dufty for bringing this forward, and i would lend my name to supporting this. thank you.
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supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i have lived in san francisco for 58 years. i would like to thank supervisor dufty for bringing up this resolution. i had some experience dealing with jane warner, and i wanted to mention it here because i think it is something that shows her real character. i had talked with her different times on the phone, and even though i was an ordinary citizen, even though the two of us had never met, she was so kind and gracious to spend time talking to me and trying to help me with advice as to the causes i was working here at city hall. she was very supportive and, obviously since we had never met, i did not even know that she was sick, but when i called her, she would take the time to speak with me, and she would
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always encouraged me not to get discouraged, no matter how much opposition i encountered in my dealings here at city hall. one of the things that impressed me was that even though she had adversary's against herself, she always gave me the impression that she believed so firmly in her room cause that she was willing to work endlessly to be successful -- even though she had adversaries. even though she was stricken, that did not discourage her as she got older, so that made a very good impression on me. also, i was gratified to hear that she did get a commendation from the san francisco police department, and i think that her example should be an example for all persons in sfpd that the patrol specials and officers should be allies rather than kind of
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also, i did note, looking over the meeting agenda, the resolution was introduced roughly four months ago to this committee. i am kind of wondered what it took four months to have today's hearing. i thought i would bring that up because it caught my attention. i think we should remember. not only was she a fighter for her own cause, but she would help regular citizens like myself, offer us encouragement, even though she was ill herself. i still keep plugging away in their memory. in fact, i am glad that this plaza may be named for her.
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it reminds me of when i was a high schooler. i used to stand on that same quarter. supervisor chu: thank you. any other members of the public of public to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. as far as the timing of the bill, usually, the legislation is more complicated and these things to be worked out, sometimes it is a matter of the correct timing. supervisor dufty. supervisor dufty: it was important for me to have the neighborhood reflect on this. the last thing i would want to do is bring something forward
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presumptuous way without the neighborhood and then have jane's memory caught up in people being for or against. with so many diverse viewpoints, the fact that everybody has been so supportive of it is emblematic to why it is important that this plaza be named for jane. also, this week, they will be having the castro street fair. this year, it will be dedicated in her memory, so with that, i would like to send this item for to the full board with recommendations. supervisor chu: supervisor avalos has seconded.
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without objection. >> item 4. ordinance amending the san francisco police code by amending section 1295 to exempt nonprofit organizations conducting educational tours from the requirement to obtain a guide permit. supervisor chu: thank you. mr. burns? >> i am here on behalf of supervisor alioto-pier, who is at a funeral and cannot be here. there is a section in the police could that requires everyone who conducts a tour in the city to get a permit. the police department had not been getting -- and forcing this code section until recently. we received a number of complaints from organizations, that whenever taking classes around theithe city, they were expected to pay for both services. individuals acting on their
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behalf would have to prove that they have non-profit exempt status. we have been able to identify the architectural heritage in a number of other nonprofits as being some of the folks being caught up in this section. we would ask for your support of this moderate exemption so that these folks can continue to do their good work. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any members of the public who would like to speak on item number four? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor dufty: motion to approve. supervisor chu: without objection. >> item 5. ordinance amending the san francisco health code by adding section 456.7 requiring the san francisco health department to declare one month out of the year "restaurant appreciation month" to honor certain local restaurants and to create an application and selection process to identify qualifying restaurants.
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supervisor chu: thank you very much. >> good morning, richard li, environmental health. we support this legislation as the main agency for restaurants. this is an opportunity to recognize our clients for leadership and innovation. we would like to work with the small business commission and supervisors to develop a criteria and selection process to determine which restaurants would get this recognition. some of the areas that we are considering to include for leadership -- innovations in cuisine, environmental conservation and sustainability, use of local, regional food, improve food access in underserved communities, community work, and nutrition. since we do check for
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compliance, we want to make sure the restaurants that are being recognized are in compliance with our food safety regulations. labour code regulations and other laws. what we are thinking of doing is taking nominations for restaurants in these different categories and then recognizing approximately five of these restaurants in each category. then we would have a committee to make the final selection. then those selections would be given to the board for recognition. supervisor chu: supervisor dufty? supervisor dufty: thank you for being here, mr. lee, on behalf of the bureau of environmental health management. we have heard support for this legislation. i just want to add, since supervisor alioto-pier cannot be here this morning, she asked that i offer some words in
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addition to the value of having restaurant appreciation month. i certainly think it gives all of us in our districts an opportunity to celebrate the importance that restaurants play to who we are, the identity of the city, a an attraction that an attraction that people from all over the world come to visit for. i think this is a good way to a acknowledge the work that restaurants have done for the city. we established rating systems, a lot of requirements that they have met us on. i see that stephanie is here from supervisor alioto-pier's office. if you would like to add some words -- >> thank you, supervisor dufty.
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this is just supervisor alioto- pier's idea to recognize the restaurants and the vitality that they contribute to san francisco. it is a symbol ordinance. dph is thrilled to participate. it is quite simple, the criteria that will be developed. we look forward to developing the application process. supervisor chu: thank you. just a question from me to dph. i appreciate the sentiments of restaurant appreciation month. it certainly adds a lot to the economy and many people from many places no of san francisco and they're wonderful restaurants. so i just wanted to ask how we are paying for this process. it is just one more thing on top of the work that you already do. help me understand how much work
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you anticipate running this award program, is it something where the benefits would outweigh the staff requirements to participate? >> i am not exactly sure what is in the ordinance, as far as support, but i do not think it will take a lot of time. essentially, we will probably just put something up that says, if you want to be nominated, fill out the application. then we would work with a committee to make a selection. i do not see a whole lot of additional work. we may work with other agencies, maybe the golden gate restaurant association, but right now, i do not think it will take too many resources. >> we did ask about this to make sure that any cost could be absorbed. we are adamant about no extra
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fees to see that this can go forward. what we envision is what we do with small business month. the cost would be absorbed by the work that dph is doing, and they could work with the board of supervisors to provide an accommodation 330 special order, if the board sees fit. we do not see it in telling a lot of work. supervisor chu: thank you. do we have any members of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor dufty: if i could make a motion to send this to the full board with recommendations. supervisor chu: i would be willing to do that if i could have dph follow up and share their plans with us. i know that they are taxed and have a lot of things to do.
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i just want to make sure that we are not adding on a lot of things to this. without objection. thanks. item 6? >> item 6. resolution authorizing the san francisco department of public health to accept and expend retroactively two grants (agreements nos. 10-0347 and 10- 153) totaling $128,916.32 from the california department of food and agriculture (cdfa) to fund the pierce's disease control program for the period of july 1, 2010, through june 30, 2012, and the organic program for the period of july 1, 2010, through june 30, 2011. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning. you have before you two contracts from the department of agriculture. i am the agricultural commissioner of weights and measures. these are continuingco


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